Who runs your Network Marketing Company?

It never ceases to amaze me the kind of businesses people join without using their brain? Recently several “Online” type businesses have ceased trading and are under criminal investigation, causing massive pain for all those who were Distributors; in fact the authorities are even going after the top earners to claim back their commissions.

It’s a massive warning to BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU JOIN! 

Before you join anything do as much due diligence as you can. Check out the background of the owners, founders, executives? Do a search on Google you may be surprised what you find, put the word “MLM or Network Marketing” next to their names.

Whenever I get pitched one of the first things I will do is check out the website, even going in under a false name if I have to register first to find out more information.

REGISTER BEFORE INFO. In fact if there is no transparency about the business, meaning the info is hidden before so you have to sign in to find out, that for me scores a lower mark to start with.

REVIEW IMAGES OF FOUNDERS. They say a picture paints a thousand words! I think it sure does, many times its so obvious just from looking into the eyes of the key executives what kind of a Company it is. People’s faces and body language say so much. I often take one look at the CEO and if he or she looks like a bully, too arrogant, a crook, someone I would not want to trust my fate too, that alone would stop me from joining. Yes really!

CHECK OUT THE ABOUT US Page. If you find just some grand statement of objectives, vision, and mission with no Information on the Company Executives, my advice; walk away.

SITE VERBIAGE. How is the business explained? Is it just big dollar signs, huge promises, hype videos or is it nicely laid out with conservative and inspiring information.

TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Probably means it’s not true, read between the lines, not just the lines themselves.

There are other factors that you need to look at like how long have they been in business, how strong financially are they? If it’s a crap website that will tell you a lot, if it’s just run by Joe and his mate Harry instead of a neat TEAM. How marketable are the products at the price for consumers? (Topic for another post), is the compensation plan and joining cost fair, is the auto-ship sustainable and so forth, again more details on this in other posts.

It’s really about not just buying the hype but following your gut instinct, your intuition will tell you a lot, sometimes not deciding until you have slept on it is sound advice however urgent the call to action.

Bottom line, you will save yourself potential pain and humiliation later on with friends, and peers. Wise and unwise choices will both impact on your credibility in the marketplace, so be careful and always ask yourself FIRST, “Who is running this show and would I be happy putting my life in their hands?”.

© Bernard Taylor 2016
First published  Oct 3, 2012

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