When is it OK to join a pre-launch?

Even I have said in previous posts, stay away from pre-launches, as MOST of them fail, and you will find many well-meaning gurus and experts say the same thing. For the most part, they are right, yet SOMETIMES they are not!

You see, the TRUTH is if you get with the right Company at the beginning and STICK with it through the difficult pre-launch growing pains period and the Company survives, and you survive THEN you will probably be one of the top earners in that opportunity, that is provided you put your head down and work your butt off in the beginning period telling the World!

How do you spot a winner that you can take to the bank?

Well, firstly you need to find out about who is behind the operation? And if you cannot get direct access to such information at first, because often Companies guard that kind of info in the pre-launch for legitimate professional reasons, then the next best indicator is if the person who introduced you has Integrity and gives you reassurances, then you may have to borrow their conviction to keep you going in the first instance.

If you sit back and wait until you have all the answers, in the beginning, you will miss the very reason for capitalizing on being in the pre-launch. Most people miss this, that’s why they give up and do not succeed because they cross their arms defensively whilst other wiser folks follow their instinct and go for it!

What you need to know or get assured of is that the people behind the business come from a real solid business background and have the experience and track record running real businesses.

Whatever you do, if it’s run by a bunch of ex-networkers without proper experience running Companies, it probably is doomed for failure. No disrespect to networkers, however its one thing building a distributorship, it’s yet an entirely different thing to build a Company.

Next point is it properly capitalized? That can often be found out by knowing their asset base, or at least part of it, again visiting their offices and meeting the key owners should have been done by someone?

What about their product, physical or virtual, do you think there is a valid market for the product? Is it a useful service? Is it unique or is there lots of competition? It’s ok not to be totally unique, I mean there is XBox and there is PlayStation, they are both good products, both have a market niche and both are valid.

The important thing is would you use the product? Is it current, does it follow or lead a new trend area or emerging trend area? Is it a real product of value to the consumer? If affirmative in these points, then you could be on to a winner.

If on the other hand, its some type of money game, investment program, doubler, or such like, whilst you may make money for a while, eventually the company will burn or die a fast or slow painful death, so then you will have to start all over again, not such a good idea.

So you know its a good product, good people running it, another question is, does your upline have the experience to support you, If not your direct sponsor, then certainly the team they are in? Yes on these points there is one more to consider, well two.

Are there good promotion tools, like a pre-launch build website to put your team in place? If not you need to create your own lead funnel to convert prospects, and the final point is about timing and your ability to seize the moment?

Ideally, you want to start at the very beginning phase (First few weeks/months), that’s when the hottest leaders are available and you want your fair share. Burn the midnight oil, in the beginning, calling all your hot prospects, yes CALL them, skype them, don’t just rely on viral campaigns as some of the smart ass web gurus say (Some of that kind of work works and is a good backup), remember most successful businesses providing all the other parts are correct as mentioned here in this article are built and SUSTAINED through building working RELATIONSHIPS, not just viral lists that have no real understanding of the business and therefore commitment to do what it takes.

So pre-launches do have their place, and if you get it right, with the right opportunity, at the right time, with the right people, you in time to come will be recognized as the big leader who wins the respect of their peers and carries off many of the prizes.

People will ask you who you did it? You will be able to say, I saw an opportunity early, I believed it would work when others did not (See quote below), I went to work diligently, and the rest is history!

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860). 

Happy pre-launching! BT.

© 2018 Bernard Taylor. First Published on: Jun 23, 2013

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