What should you look for in considering finding the perfect home based business?

Success leaves Clues!

What should you look for in the perfect home based business?

Well let’s start by saying there is no opportunity that is perfect, however there are some things that you should look for when you are considering joining a new Network Marketing opportunity?

1. Look at the people running the Company, are they humble, to they have the right background, experience and a passion for what they are doing?

2. Has the Company gone through the first few years and survived? (This is important, start ups can be exciting, however they can be painful and many do not last the test of time).

3. Could you see yourself using the product? Believing in your product offering is vital, how can you possibly market a product you do not believe in?

4. Where can you build your network? Ideally a few countries at least not just your own, or ideally globally in an Internet style opportunity.

5. How do you get paid? Best plan in my opinion (I am writing a book about it!) is the Binary with matching bonuses. There are other good plans however the Binary is now proven, and most of the big earners who have the best fun are leading binary sales organisations. If you have a good upine, then you really only have to focus on building one team, one under the other, this is the best team building system in the Industry.

6. Who are you signing up with? This is vital; ideally look for a sponsor who has the passion and experience and track record of success in the business you are joining in and the Industry as a whole.

7. Look for a TEAM that works together and are leading in their company?

8. Timing is important, don’t join too early to avoid the pain, however don’t join too late when the Company is fully established, ideally join after the first 3 or 4 years when the pain is over and yet the organisation still has not reached its full potential so there is still room for you to pioneer build and lead a new phase of growth.

Yes there is no such thing as the perfect opportunity or Company, its often what you make of it that counts, however I hope using this simple list as a guide may be useful in helping you make better choices going forward if you are not one of the fortunate ones who has found the above already? If you have CONGRATULATIONS you may just of found the perfect home for you to build a lasting, rewarding and fulfilling legacy.

First Published on: May 18, 2013

© 2016 Bernard Taylor

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