What others say about Bernard?

People who have worked with Bernard Have their say:

Tahir Hussain – Author – “The Unstoppable Millionaire”.

“Bernard, you have been such a great leader for all these years that I have known you so far, and the best part is that whatever you do you act and say it from your heart, and that my friend touches so many people in so many ways. You are a person with great talent and with the passion to help other succeed in life, this is the biggest contribution that I feel you add to people. Keep up the great work and effort that you always keep putting in to make a difference in this world”.


Ben Glinsky – CEO SBC – Network Marketing Company Owner.

“Bernard you are developing a great and informative website here, I know personally how good your design talents are, it was an awesome Powerpoint presentation you created for our Company. You are a great leader, an awesome motivator, and someone I consider a good friend in the Industry. Keep up all your great work!”.


Mark O’Rorke – Network Marketer & Entrepreneur.

“I have found Bernie to be an honest straight talking guy, who works extremely hard. He is always available to assist when help is required. Top guy and with loads of experience on our industry which is rare these days”.


Nauder Khazan – CEO Alive Max/Stiforp – Network Marketing Company Owner. 

“I have been blessed to work with MANY industry leaders in the last 22 years , and Bernard you are RIGHT up there .. I personally thank you for all that you have done to help my businesses succeed, for your God given wisdom and your HUGE heart for the masses… You have been an AMAZING blessing and I am TRULY honored to know and work with you in the MLM World.. God bless you my friend”.


Dr Ope Banwo – Lawyer & Internet / Network Marketing Trainer.

“Bernard, I would like to endorse you particularly for what I see as one of your greatest strengths in the Network Marketing Industry, that of MENTORSHIP AND TRAINING. I personally consider TRAINING and MENTORSHIP as the REAL secret weapons for success in any Network even over and beyond Comp Plan or even Products and YOU excel in those areas as well as many others too many to mention here. Keep up the good work, you are a very talented guy and I am honoured to consider you a friend”.

Ray Cranston – Senior Network Marketing Leader.

“Network marketing has many benefits and lots of hidden gems, Bernard is a hidden gem, and his knowledge and his willingness to help others is priceless”.


Ellie Charlwood – Clairvoyant & Author.

“In the profession of Network Marketing I consider Bernard Taylor to be one of the most professional individuals in the industry that I have had the pleasure to work with. Bernard conducts himself with dignity and is sensitive to the needs of others. A caring man, he is able to motivate and organise others in a way rarely seen and can inspire others to aim for goals they would otherwise have passed by. All this is accomplished with a gifted sense of humour and a sharp intellect and quick mind”.


Richard Kershaw – Retired Network Marketer.

” Bernard and I have known each other since the early days of Herbalife in the mid 80′s. We’ve often been in touch to exchange ideas and opportunities. Bernard has always proved to me to be an honest source of good information. He never just gives out background marketing noise. What he tells you is always to the point.
There’s something I need to ask him this week and I know I’ll get the right advice”. 


Joe Mensah – Project Manager & Minister of Religion.

“Bernard is a very gifted man when it comes to Network Marketing Training and recruiting. Very honest and inspiring, I have known him for over 20 years; a person of great integrity. I can vouch for him without any reserve, and will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who intends to go into business with him. In the business of Network Marketing there are not many outstanding people like him, with long experience and understanding”.


Seeni JG – Former Operations Director Ubifone – Network Marketing Company.

“Bernard is a highly self motivated individual. If he sets his mind to completing a task, he will complete it no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. He is a rather self critical and a perfectionist imo, so any given work gets done to its highest degree possible, quite naturally without anyone having to nudge him or request additional improvements.

Bernard has a high level of integrity which is rather difficult to find in the Network Marketing business, and I would strongly recommend him to any progressive business that needs visionary and/or
a strategic marketing leader to pull through its sales to whole new levels”.