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Network Marketing Personal Coaching?

How are you doing in your current business? Could you make it better, could you be a better leader, or are you in need of a change? Let’s conduct an honest inventory of where you are now, what you are doing now and your vision for where you want to go? As a seasoned Industry Veteran, I have learned a lot about how this Industry works and how you can work it in a way that encourages your maximum success and longevity.

Contact me for an initial 10 min chat which is free of charge, we can then discuss a further online session or sessions? On such sessions currently, I do not charge a fee, however, if you feel my input has been valuable to you, then you are welcome to make a financial gift contribution.

Network Marketing Corporate Consultancy Advise, Training & Services?

Designing the perfect Network Marketing operation takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help you to achieve your fullest potential as a Corporation.

I offer my services from set up to launch and beyond. Finding suppliers and partners; Consulting on product sourcing and strategy; Advise on compensation plan; Creation & advice of corporate image that oozes honesty, confidence, and integrity; Training of corporate personnel in their responsibilities & approach to field leadership.

Training in Network Marketing phycology (I have a Masters in this!); Creation of field training & Incentive programs; Assistance and advice in the recruitment of senior field leadership; Advice on all your short, mid and long-term objectives.

In my career in Network Marketing, I have learned my craft in roles from co-owner, corporate consultant, a senior corporate officer in marketing and field development, as well as senior field leadership roles.

Knowing that my work contribution has assisted in being responsible for creating founding teams and successful corporate launches for several well-known Network Marketing organizations, and also knowing I have been in no small part instrumental in training and helping to develop many of today’s most successful Network Marketing field leaders, this knowledge makes me both extremely proud, and humbled to have been able to play my part.

Please contact me for further information and discussion.

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