Network Marketing – when the sun sets on your dreams of greatness.

At the end of the 2016 Formula One season, Felipe Massa announced his retirement from Formula One. However do not think that is the end for Felipe, it’s just really the end of his driving career, I would not be surprised after a nice rest if he gets into the behind the scenes action in some capacity?

One thing for sure, his competitive racing days may be over however his love and passion for Formula 1 probably will never go away. In other words his greatest days and contribution to F1 Racing may yet be ahead of him?

It makes me think of the Network Marketer who has spent what seems a lifetime in Network Marketing and is known for being a great distributor, but somehow over the years he or she gets tired of the game, gets tired of the constant bandwagon of opportunities, and when they go wrong jumps into the next one in panic, only to find they are not as good as they used to be, the chase is not so exciting anymore, and their results are delivering ever diminishing returns.

When this happens continually, maybe it’s time to ask yourself some searching questions, like is it time for you to get out of Network Marketing altogether, or do something else within the Industry?

Is it time to throw in the towel or start contributing in another way?

When we are young and full of energy, we all have dreams of greatness, of doing great things, if we get into Network Marketing early enough, mix with the right people, get in a good opportunity, work hard enough, and the whole thing holds together long enough, then guess what, yes you will achieve your dreams of distributor greatness, with the big money, with the rewards, and the recognition, and sail of into the sunset a happy person, sipping your martini on the beach and watching many beautiful sun rises and sunsets until the final beautiful sunset when it’s time to say goodbye to this life. Maybe you have taken care of your offspring, friends and family and leave a beautiful worthy legacy?

The problem with that story apart from a remarkable few who achieve it, for the rest of us life can be and mostly is a journey of more pain and struggle.

Have you noticed as you get older, the new guys getting involved in the Industry, seem to be ever smarter, and can do things over the Internet to build their businesses that leave your head spinning?

The new stars are getting ever younger, the game (If that’s what you call it) and some do is getting even more pressured and played at a faster pace than ever?

There are lessons here. Look, if you find you are getting left behind, for sure you are going to get depressed, you are going to feel inadequate, like why don’t those old ways (Some of them) that used to work, work anymore?

Even scarier is when the opportunity that you dream of retiring in suddenly disappears; believe me, that has happened to me in my career, when my Network Marketing dream of greatness and 1% top earner Income was robbed from me overnight (Yes it can happen).

Over the years I have seen a lot of things. Once great companies with great stories, no longer around.

When you are going along for the journey, when you are in the middle of the ride, life is utopia, you think you are unstoppable and it can only get better. If you find yourself in that situation, I am a great believer of making hay whilst the sun shines, get out there in the summer and work hard to carry you through the winter.

However life somehow often wants to teach us other lessons, and just when we think it’s our time for greatness to fall upon us, it’s all taken away, the Company we work for is closed down by the authorities for money laundering and fraud, and suddenly we find ourselves jobless again.

So what do we do? Some are so shocked they throw in the towel and say “That’s it I am finished with this Networking Millarkie” , others JUMP, and I mean JUMP into the next new “BIG Opportunity” they can find to try to hold their downline together.

This most often is a big mistake and when they get into the new deal, it’s just not as they expected, and their big dream falls apart equally as quickly.

So what do they do? Thats right, they have a little break, and then …, until they get pitched on the next deal in town, and this process often goes on and on.

Of Course nobody joins a new Network Marketing opportunity thinking, oh, I will do this for 12 months and then quit and do something else, and if they do they are mad!

In reality life steps in and Companies close, or you just cannot ethically live with the behavior of the Company, for example the product is too expensive and distributors cannot afford the autoship and as fast as new business is built it falls off?

Or maybe you get mortally wounded with scraps with your peers in the field and you just cannot take it anymore, the Company goes off on a stupid marketing tangent and your downline leave, so you feel it’s not worth you carrying on?

So you leave, maybe have a break again, maybe not, maybe and normally eventually you join this “new exciting opportunity”, and it’s great to start and then difficult things start happening again, there are other stars in this business, you are humbled having to start all over again, you just can’t quite work out how that young upstart is running off with all the prizes, and so the depression sets in, the lack of self worth sets in, somehow although you can play the game, it’s just not so much fun anymore.

One last time you think, this “new business”, this is the one, I like “the story”, let me get out my old Networking toolkit out one more time, let me call my worn out dead beat prospect list one more time, and yes you are right, it gets harder and harder every time you do this. “No” you cry, “that’s not the way to do it young man!”, or “I can’t do what you do!”

Hold on a minute, can you not see what is going on?

Sometimes we are forced to see, sadly all too often through Illness, you know that feeling when even though you are older you still want to take on the World in your head, but your body simply won’t let you anymore.

(Side note, that’s one reason why Health & Nutrition Networking opportunities generally do well, because all the sick worn out distributors cling on to the hope of new health again, I am joking a bit, however there is much truth in the point).

I have known that feeling of no hope, of despair, it seems life is being very cruel, this is not meant to happen to you, you start losing your sense of dignity, your peers think you are weak, just cannot hack it anymore and so forth and so forth. The pain becomes unbearable until you just get to the point when you feel ready to quit, it’s time to stop doing this Network Marketing thing, I am a failure, it’s about time I admitted it.

Sound familiar? Agree? Yes, congratulations its called life, life happens, and we need to learn to adjust.

However and I mean a BIG “HOWEVER”, you see there is maybe a different way of looking at this sad all too familiar story, there is a way where instead of the sun setting on your Network Marketing dreams of greatness it could, and it will rise again, and you could see many more equally beautiful sunsets and new sun rises too.

“There is a way where instead of the sun setting on your Network Marketing dreams of greatness it could, and it will rise again, and you could see many more equally beautiful sunsets and new sun rises too”

You see my friend, just like when the sun sets, its nature’s way of saying, time for a rest, time to recharge and renew, time to prepare for an exciting and fresh new dawn. Yes, really.

Somehow today we have in our fast paced, stressed, must get to the top at all costs world, forgotten to rest, to take time out, to de-stress, to think again, too think anew or just to “NOT” think for a while. Nature will show us the correct path for us if we are only quite enough to listen in natures good time!

“Nature will show us the correct path for us if we are only quite enough to listen in natures good time!”

Of Course if you keep defying nature, nature is going to say, right I am ready to teach you the lesson and you are going to stay BEHIND after class every day, night, month, year until you learn the lesson I have to teach you the hard way.

So I suggest instead of fighting nature we learn to listen more, because as we meditate, emptying our minds, letting go of the struggle, new buds of life are going to start popping through.

This is one reason I think you should never jump from one failed opportunity into something new. Why? Because you did not wait around long enough to listen to what nature wanted to tell you about the correct new direction for you.

If you had of taken a proper break, eventually you would of heard some interesting things, the great Universe does still care about you, does still have a plan for your life, you are a valuable person, you do have a worthy place in the World and society you do still have a role to play.

When we take a break, and pause a bit and start to listen to the wisdom of the Universe, or God or whatever you refer to as that higher wisdom, Intuition, Inner knowing, whatever you want to call it you will hear the answer? The point being when you listen a bit you will for sure awake to discover a new path, the correct path for you.

So in the context of our discussion, it may indeed be time to get out of Network Marketing altogether? Several of my dear old friends in the Industry have done that, one guy I knew, was a great Industry leader back in the day, he got tired of the old Networking treadmill and now, last I heard is selling oil paintings on cruise ships.

He loves his new life, his charm and smiles are now shared with passengers and he sees many great sunsets and sunrises traveling to exotic locations, for others it’s a holiday, for him it’s an occupation he loves, he is in a great new relationship, he loves his life and I know he feels for him getting out of Network Marketing was and is the best decision he ever made.

I have a hunch he will be back one day!

Another lady friend of mine, again one of the amazing past Network Marketing stars has moved into the music business, now she travels around helping to manage a famous Artist and lives life in the entertainment business, she loves every second, she always was a bit of a drama queen even in her Networking days, now she is in the drama biz literally every day, she would never go back to Networking, however she is using all she learnt from her time in the Industry of Network Marketing in her new pursuits, she is still living her dream, it’s for her more focused now, she listened to nature and nature gave her the right answers for her.

Again though, it does not necessarily mean everyone faced with the dilemmas above should quit Networking! Indeed guess what, there is more that drives the Industry then just being a Distributor. Yes really!

“Again though, it does not necessarily mean everyone faced with the dilemmas above should quit Networking! Indeed guess what, there is more that drives the Industry then just being a Distributor. Yes really!”

You could for example look at taking a corporate role as a trainer, sales Director? You could become an Independent trainer in the Industry, many make a good living from this, and you could take time out and upgrade your skill sets, learn more about the modern ways of Networking online and then reenter the game again as a wiser distributor with new strategies?

Then again you could become a Consultant or Advisor; you could even get a team of folks together and start your own Network Marketing Company, doing it the way you think it should be done? The World is full of possibilities, the Industry needs many new stars, some behind the scenes, some out in front, some as corporate, advisors, and trainers etc to make the whole world of Network Marketing operate.

There is more to Formula One racing than the Drivers on the track!

So your Distributor struggles may just be Natures way of saying, it’s time for you to slow down and let go so that you are able to play a different role going forward, to contribute in a different way, perhaps even create a bigger story for your life?

The only way you will find out, the only way you will see many more sunsets and sunrises and fulfill your dreams of greatness is to pause, take time out when appropriate, wait patiently and listen.

It’s ok to do nothing for a while, it’s ok to let go for a while, and it’s ok to rest for a while, perhaps reconnect with old friends, go out and play, make some new friends, get out in nature, pause from the rat race for a while, enjoy just being, and as sure as eggs are eggs new paths will be revealed to you perhaps with more joy than you ever could have imagined whilst your face was tied firmly to the grindstone.

The message here is, do not ever give up on your dreams of greatness, just learn to listen more to nature and let it show you the way to many more new and beautiful days ahead where truly your dreams can come true in the way nature intended for you.

Happy letting go & listening more, even through the tears, eventually will come new life again. Believe good things will happen for you. If you believe, if you do listen, they will.

© Bernard Taylor 2016
First Published  Oct 6, 2012. Updated Dec 2016.

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