How to hug your Network Marketing Company?

Have you ever been in a tense human relationship where the other party (Or you) turned round and embraced in a warm hug and suddenly all the tension was released and a new level of acceptance and bonding was achieved between you?

Be honest it’s nice to get a hug from someone you love; it’s even nicer to get on from a complete stranger. It reminds me of a video I saw recently on YouTube of a guy offering free hugs.

Here is the link: FREE Hugs

Think of the passion and emotion when two people hug? The acceptance, the melting away of issues that may have kept you apart before, it’s great when you bond again.

Now think of your Networking business, is there love and acceptance between you and your Company, be honest now?

Observe the successful distributors in your Company? Does it seem like they are in love with their opportunity? Well, yes the answer is YES!

You see folks, there are no perfect Network Marketing Companies (There are some better than others, will cover that issue at a later point) just as there are no perfect distributors. People running Networking Companies are human, and leaders in the field are humans too. Let’s face it none of us are perfect; we all have our human weaknesses.

We often, frankly more than often, get involved in an opportunity with rose-colored spectacles, we buy into the dream with euphoria and mass excitement, it’s like a new relationship, when you first meet someone, then later after you get to know the other party more the gloss has been wiped off you find that it’s not so perfect a situation as you had thought.

We then start to pick and find all the bad points. We want to believe but then we have a brush-up with so and so at the Company, or we don’t like the change in the compensation plan, the color of the website, the fact the principles are not wearing ties or are in the photos on the website, we don’t like the way certain things are presented, and over time our little issues like a grain of sand left in a shoe eventually cause much pain, to the Company? No probably not, but to us, yes for sure.

What once seemed like the best decision you had ever made in joining is starting to become for you a bit of a nightmare. It can be very subtle or more pronounced, however, the net effect over time is mistrust builds up, faith in each other diminishes, although the Company may be too busy getting on with their business to worry too much about all the tension going on it your personal headspace!

All this causes your performance to drop significantly and from that point, you are doomed unless you change your thinking.

Network Marketing is a business that is NOT perfect; however, it is the average person’s best chance of achieving success in a relatively short time. This being the case you ask, why it is so many fail at it?

Well, in simple terms because they do not hug their Network Marketing Company!

Look, assuming your company has reasonable products that you like, a reasonable compensation plan that you can deal with, a reasonable vision for the future, reasonable (Ideally great!) people heading it, and you can reasonably see yourself being involved, then the only thing standing between you and big success is acceptance and acknowledgment.

Here are my top 5 tips for SUCCESS once you have chosen the right Networking Company for you?

1. Become noticed through performance, not by letting your ego lead.

When you first join your Network Marketing Company be humble, talk softer,  listen more then you speak, think in terms of making a contribution, not in terms of announcing you are a big shot and that they should listen to you or else!

I know that’s hard with us networkers’ as we often are very much ego led. (Come on let’s get the truth out in the open!). We want to be noticed, we want the big guys at the top to know who we are and what we can do. It’s often however when we push too hard in trying to get accepted and appreciated that the other side cannot handle it and often the drawbridge goes up and we end up being branded as a trouble maker.

Believe you me it’s happened to me a few times, and who lost; the Company or me? You guessed it, me. So the lesson is, build the business first so you earn the right to be heard, believe you me as you build you will get noticed in a positive way.

2. Let go of expecting everything to be perfect, we are not, the Company is not, and life is not.

The more you accept these facts, the happier you will be. By all means, if you have the opportunity to do so over time, make constructive criticisms as to the things you are not happy with, in your Company, but do not go in all guns blazing until you have build a good relationship and earned the right to be heard, and even then share with love.

3. Deal with old personal relationship issues and move on.

Forgive old transgressions. Maybe there are relationship blocks between you and some of the leaders in your Company, in corporate or your upline, or sideline? If you can deal with it directly and sensitively do so, for the common good, however if not, then mentally forgive yourself, forgive the other person and move on. It may take time for the physical side to catch up with your desire for healing, however, learning to forgive and let go (daily) is a big secret to success and living a happier life in general.

4. Get married to your Company mission ~ Make a commitment.

Really, no living in separation, get committed to each other, until one is committed there is hesitancy, holding back. The secret is that once you make a solid commitment, it will change how you feel about your business, how you operate and how your Company will respond to you.

Believe you me they will over time, see the difference in you, and that will open doors to your success.

An old Networking mentor and friend, once said to me “Bernard, focus on the mission, not on the commission”. She was so right and a glowing example of how to succeed in any Network Marketing Company.

It takes time to build success, so don’t give up too easily, stick with it even when the going gets tough. If you look around the Industry, its often not the most talented who are the winners, it’s those who have stuck with their business through thick and thin. Its that kind of commitment and only that kind, that produces real success, so get committed if you also want to succeed?

5. Bottom-line ~ Love your business and HUG Your Company!

It’s true, you have to accept the imperfection of it all, and yes make constructive criticism from time to time if appropriate, and if doing so forwards the success of you and your Company? However, it’s vitally important to focus on all the good things about your business, meditate on what you like, share the good and the positive with others.

Let go and love, go with the flow, be passionate about appreciating your business and all the people involved. it may be challenging at times, however by practicing acceptance and letting go of your issues, you will free yourself to perform better, you will free the other party to be nicer to you, you will most importantly free up lots of otherwise stuck energy, and it’s that EXTRA ENERGY that you need to propel you to success.

When you let go, love and hug, you are opening up a pool of positive energy that will change you and how you see things. The more you walk in such ways the greater and more interesting your life will become.

“When you let go, love and hug, you are opening up a pool of positive energy that will change you and how you see things. The more you walk in such ways the greater and more interesting your life will become”.

So get out there and HUG your Network Marketing Company, warts and all, accept them, love them, forgive them, help them to be better and in doing so help yourself to a rewarding and successful career.

Footnote: If the relationship is so damaged that you just cannot change the situation by staying, then in such circumstances you may have to move on to something new. That’s okay too, just use the secrets I have shared with you here in your next venture.

Be blessed and enjoy the journey!

© Bernard Taylor
First published Jan 11, 2012

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