Focus on the Mission, not on the Commission!

When you are desperate to make money and move ahead in Network Marketing you sometimes do not do the right things. In the process, and thus other people can get hurt.

It should not be ‘success at all costs’ if it means you are going to use and abuse people, step on your opponent’s’, or even your own leaders and damage their reputation to make yourself look better!

Think about it! Network Marketing is a people business, the operative word being PEOPLE, and all people deep down are flowers to be treated with sensitivity and respect (Well not all I hear you cry!).

Accepted some folks are nasty, egotistical and opinionated and you would not invite them to your barbeque, however deep down I believe all people have some good and deserve to be treated with at least basic levels of respect.

Have you ever tried to push a wheelbarrow full of bricks up a steep hill? If you have or if you can visualize it, you will know that it’s not much fun, and at some point, you may trip and the dam bricks come crashing over you, and you end up bruised and humiliated at the bottom of the hill again!

There has to be an easier way to get to the top, right?

Well, there is it’s called following the path of least resistance, going with the flow and focusing on your Company mission, not your commission.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s and early 2000s, I had a wonderful upline sponsor (it always helps to have a sponsor who respects and appreciates you, and has your best interests at heart) we worked together Internationally on several big projects over the decades.

Because of her influence in my life, at the end of the nineties early 2000’s we worked together again on a powerful online network marketing business. Psychologically I knew she had my back and was supporting me 1 million percent. I went on to excel in that Company, and within just over two years, I reached the top 10 earners, in the organization that at its peak had over 2.5 Million Distributors, 280,000 of which were in my downline!

Sadly as is sometimes the case, the Company did not last, however the experience, and what I learned through it will stay with me forever.

I became very successful quickly, yes I made a lot of money, however mostly, the personal growth I experienced, and the thrill of helping thousands of others all over the world to build their businesses with excellence and courage, and to believe in themselves and what they were involved in, was powerfully and humbly rewarding.

My sponsor had said to me many times “Bernard, focus on the mission, not the commission”

I have never forgotten that advice, and I have deeply embedded that belief in my psychic depths, and it has allowed me to prosper in the Industry beyond belief, by putting all my focus on helping others.

Think about it? It’s a funny thing when you focus less on your needs, and more on making a contribution to others and their success, you become more successful yourself. You develop success for longer, much more gracefully than if you go at it all with a desperation which often would send you in the opposite direction to where you want to go.

So the message is, calm down, back off, think a bit more and follow these 3 simple steps to a more fulfilling Networking Career.

Step 1. Find out what your Company Mission is?

All great Network Marketing Companies have a mission, be it to change the health of the World one person at a time, or to help deliver others from poverty to prosperity through sharing your business opportunity and all that that can do to help others and you to achieve a happier and more satisfying life.

Be a bit worried if your Company does not have a mission statement? That means either they have not thought about it, or may possibly have been set up to make a quick buck, fuelled by greed and power alone? If that is the case, the bottom line means the business will not last, and being involved will almost certainly hurt you and others over time, one way or the other. History is littered with such closed businesses, which prove this point, and think of all the people hurt and lives disrupted in the process?

However, the good news is that most decent Networking Companies do have a worthy mission, and mostly those with a solid grab-able mission are the ones that succeed over time.

Step 2. Focus on the Mission, not the commission.

See yourself as part of the mission; fuse yourself with it, your role from when you get up in the morning until you go to sleep at night is to totally focus on delivering on the Company mission. This means you become a living breathing, sleeping evangelist for your Company. You focus on others, equipping others, helping others to succeed. You share your passion for what your Company is about enthusiastically and genuinely.

This is not a fake thing, it’s very real. You need to believe in your Company mission with a passion. You might even develop your own version of it if that helps you feel better, but one thing is for sure when you focus on the mission and not the commission you are truly going with the flow of universal blessing.

All kinds of good things are going to happen to you and others that come in your path.

A) Firstly your self-worth will go through the roof; you will feel good about helping others, and they will feel good about you helping them.

B) You will wake up every day with passion and a purpose; as a result, you will feel stronger and more optimistic about life, and your life choice in being involved at this time in your opportunity.

C) You will be making a healthy contribution to the success of your company, and when the history books are written about the great success that was/is your Company, how about having a page dedicated to you?

That’s right! How you came along, you saw what was, you liked what you saw, you decided to go to work focusing on your company mission, not on the commission, and the rest is, as they say, history and you proudly played your part and were richly rewarded.

It’s all part of the Company success story, however, it’s also your personal story, and that’s what people want to hear, your story, however humble. It’s all part of the magic, the inspiration that can create an army of folks on an incredible mission that changes lives.

And when folks are on an incredible mission that changes lives you had better watch out.

So don’t be left on the platform when the train leaves the station, jump on that awesome mission train, find the best seat on the train and enjoy the ride. Savor every moment enthusiastically and play your part with might, strength, conviction and all the passion you can muster. This is the way to real success.

D) You will develop your own good reputation and following. Others will believe in you, look up to you, share about you with passion, imitate you, and become loyal to you and that relationship is priceless.

Although life has taken me on a journey through several different Networking Companies over the years, I am still friends several decades later with some of the first people I followed and looked up to with respect in the Industry. Such relationships are rewarding, priceless and a gift from the Universe.

So take the time to genuinely appreciate others, and love and support each other with passion.

E)  The paradox is as a result of all this focusing on helping others succeed, your business, will grow strongly, powerfully and fast and so will your commission checks! Ultimately along with all the intangible rewards you will be greatly financially rewarded for your passion.

Step 3. Teach these steps to others!

Network Marketing is a duplication machine; your role is to duplicate all this good energy, focus and powerful information to others and to teach and help them do the same with others. It’s all part of the mission to duplicate over and over. Imagine how powerful your business you would have if over time you had ten people as passionate and as committed as you in your team?

In fact, imagine, if over time you had 10 people MORE passionate then you in your team? Wow, wouldn’t that be something? Your passion will always be rewarded.

I have been blessed on more than one occasion by being joined on a Networking mission by folks more powerful and capable than me. Just because they respected my passion, and when that happens, watch out commission checks!

Life is strange sometimes, the more you push for something the further away it can go, but the minute you change from what’s in it for me, to how can I help others? Then at that very minute, your life will take on a powerful new meaning and richness.

All from focusing on the mission, not on the commission!

Try it; let me know how you get on?

Be blessed and enjoy the journey!

© Bernard Taylor
The first edition published  Jan 12, 2012

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