Current Availability

Updated SUMMER 2019. Seeking new challenge.

I am now I am pleased to say I am close to being ready to re-enter an active role in the Network Marketing Industry. I am relaunching my career after significant time out. (Please ask for details).

Along with my goal to develop my generic Network Marketing Personal Coaching business (Please ask for details)?

I am in the process of writing and publishing several Network Marketing key leadership books. I will also develop online products and a live Seminar product which I intend to conduct live around the World (On hold slightly, expected roll-out 2020).

In the meantime, I am open to exploring Senior flexi Corporate roles in field/network development.

Short or mid-term advisory roles helping new Companies set up with a public image that will attract serious field leaders to committing to helping you grow.

In addition to helping existing Companies reshape their image and creating strong new growth. (For such Public Image Consultancy service please connect with me personally for more details?).

In exceptional circumstances, I would consider a Company-sponsored distributor type role, as follows:

In line with my seniority in the Industry, I will consider Master Distributor type positions (Company sponsored) only on the understanding that any agreement would be expected to include a retainer on commencement, full expenses and an agreed budget in line with the extent of the project agreed upon.

The other extremely important criteria are I must fit well with the Company, feel great Integrity and respect from the get-go, that full access and support is in place for me and indeed that both the opportunity and product offering, and the vision of the Company is highly inspiring. Nothing short of this will do.

Thank you for your understanding.

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