Career highlights

I have been involved in and around the industry of Network Marketing for over 3 decades.

My career started first as a distributor with a well-known health and nutrition company Herbalife back in 1984 and I soon rose through the ranks learning alongside some of the early day Network Marketing Industry greats such as Mark Hughes, Larry Thompson, and Jim Rohn.

I picked up the concept of network marketing relatively quickly and immediately and enthusiastically went to work mastering my craft. 

Following on from Herbalife in 1987 I was persuaded to join Larome’ an exciting new company that became a big player in the UK Network Marketing Industry for a period.

Again I of course excelled and became a top 10 distributor building a significant member organization of around 7,000 people and also becoming financially independent.

My career over the years has taken some interesting twists and turns, having experienced the obligatory loss as well as a massive success.

In the early 1990’s  I was largely responsible for being the catalyst that introduced Lifestyles a popular US Network Marketing health and nutrition giant to the United Kingdom as the lead distributor. In the pre-launch, I and my team created an organization of over 5000 people, trained and ready for the Companies opening.

I was also the founding Distributor to introduce Matol Botanical to the UK. , a Canadian Health & Wellness Company, again through my instigation a strong launch group was created. Unfortunately, this Company shrunk from its former glory, I believe the product is still being marketed though through another Company.

The 1990s were a busy time for me, I also became for a time a joint principal with a UK Network Marketing Company, that project sadly proved to be unsustainable. I continued doing some launch level advisory work and had a spell serving on the MLMIA board (Multilevel Marketing International Association, as known then) in the United Kingdom.

In 1999 I moved overseas to develop a business as a distributor with a US corporation called Skybiz, the company marketed a Website building product and business opportunity delivered over the Internet.

With rapid initial growth, my Distributor organization grew to over 280,000 people in over 35 Countries. Yes, I was on one of those millionaire trips reaching the top 10 in the company, however, a hard lesson was learned that even the great can fall when the company was suddenly closed 2.5 years after it started under investigation by the US Authorities. It never recovered.

Skybiz I put the experience down as one of my finest as a distributor; I was living the dream, bought land and built a fabulous home in Asia complete with high walls, swimming pool, garden with palm trees and office, all paid for by cash.

Again I reached the top ten earners, this time though in a company at its peak with over 2.5 million distributors.

After Skybiz I once again found my enriching Network Marketing journey was to take some other interesting turns! Living off the income I had made in the good years I next studied the Internet and set up my own software company to create an online recruitment system for network marketers.

Even back then I realized a shift was starting to take place in the way success was to be achieved in the future in network marketing, with much more emphasis on using the internet to recruit and build organizations.

Between 2003 to 2006 I was invited and I accepted to fulfill a number of high profile corporate roles heading up the sales and marketing and distributor training for several Asia Pacific based Network Marketing Corporations including Amega Global and the Telecoms MLM, Ubifone.

By 2007 I reached a point of burnout and had some significant health challenges to deal with. I returned to the UK and was somewhat forced to take a well-needed break. I did of course though continued to stay up to date with our Industry goings-on.

The last decade or so has been an interesting and busy time also! I will be happy to share more details of this period in further dialogue.

Although I am now based in Europe, My knowledge and experience of assisting to develop Network Marketing businesses Internationally is extensive.

Many Companies do not understand, that to do business Internationally often requires a different approach and model to what is required say in their home markets, this lack of understanding means many companies fail massively as they attempt to go global.

I have the knowledge, and experience to help companies who are looking to expand Internationally?

Today Network Marketing in 2020 is alive and well and growing rapidly. There is a whole new generation getting into the Industry, realizing ‘Intrepreneurship’ is in fashion (Being an Entrepreneur within a structured organization such as a Network Marketing Company).

The future vision of a thriving and successful Network Marketing Industry will be less hype, less talk of making millionaires, more honesty, and more helping real people advance their lives to a more successful state then they are now. This is the future of a modern effective Industry.

I am always available to listen, advise, consult or collaborate and will consider any interesting project that furthers my vision of a more ethically behaving Network Marketing Industry.

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