About Bernard

I have spent over three decades in and around the Network Marketing World. Even in times, I have not been actively engaged in any particular project, I have made sure I have kept up to date with all our Industry goings-on.

It’s been my distinct privilege to have worked with many amazing individuals, from senior field distributor buddy’s too unique corporate owners, all of us engaged in one pursuit, that of creating individual and collective success in the fascinating industry of Network Marketing.

I have worked and functioned in heart-pumping distributor/affiliate opportunities, helping to build teams reaching into the hundreds of thousands around the globe, for which I have been mostly greatly compensated (Not always – that’s a book in the making); I have learned much of the enjoyment of being a successful field leader, and the pain of great failure and the humiliation that brings.

Also from being a co-owner of a network marketing company, to a consultant, and fulfilling several high profile corporate roles Internationally in Network & Field development, I have real work experience on both sides of our Industry, field, and Corporate.

I have a love of life and people. I believe all of us have something to give back, and I am no exception. I am always working on bringing fresh ideas to the Industry and making further contributions.

Warm Regards,
Bernard Taylor

For more detailed information on my previous work experience please view My Career Highlights