About Bernard Taylor

Bernard Taylor has spent over three decades in and around the
Network Marketing World.

In terms of Network Marketing, Bernard has a distinguished background creating teams and training hundreds of thousands of independent distributors across the industry & around the World.

Bernard is always up to date and informed with the goings on within his Industry. A humanitarian, he has a love for people, and passionately cares about doing what is right and just in business and in life.

He has also crossed the bridge from field to corporate, and held several high profile roles in Network & Business Development, as well as consulting to those wishing to set up in Network Marketing, and had a brief spell as a Co-Owner of a Network Marketing Company.

Bernard is one of those rare individuals who deeply knows his craft, inside out from both sides of the fence, field & corporate.

In an age when some Governments and Government Agencies seem hell bent on redefining how our Industry should behave (Not in good ways) he is a serious advocate of traditional Network Marketing, and says:

“We need to fight for our rights to preserve our great Industry, shame on the organisations who should represent us, and yet are silent in defending our Companies and Distributors against increasing Government Interference in their attempts to rip out the heartbeat of our Industry.”

He is passionate to the core about the power of Network Marketing and its value to the individuals and Corporations who operate within it, and to society as a whole, who benefit hugely.

Bernard is an excellent communicator who delivers with Integrity, and through passionate delivery can inspire others to greatness. He is a master of the psychology of Network Marketing and what it takes to build a successful Company and distributorship.

In June 2017, Bernard was blessed to have received a new kidney from a donor, so is still in recovery phase. There are several exciting offers on the table he is exploring, and Bernard is writing a new book on Network Marketing, and expects to re-enter the thick of things early 2018, with a new purpose and his book finally published.

For a more detailed information on Bernard’s background, please view Career Highlights