7 steps for Network Marketers to get set-up online fast?

Life, I am sure you will agree is a journey, and the journey does not ever end, even when you snuff it some say we pass on to another World? Who knows, one thing is for sure in an ever-evolving World we have to adjust to change. The same goes for the World of Network Marketing.

I am old school when it comes to Network Marketing, well at least I used to be, however, I have made it my business (And continue to make it my business) to adapt and try to keep up to date so that I do not become irrelevant or confined as a relic of history.

May I also be so bold as to encourage you to do the same? Network Marketing is a powerful marketing model, however, have you noticed that it seems to be the younger new Networkers that are succeeding more these days and running off with all the prizes, and many old school marketers are being left well and truly far behind.

The main reason for this is the old guard is too scared to change and adapt to the modern world, but folks the old ways ALONE just don’t shake it anymore! If you want success today (Unless you are already there) you have got to get well and truly with the program. Don’t worry if you feel it’s all a bit daunting, as I and many others are here to help you on the journey.

I remember my old friend and success mentor Jim Rohn said “For things to change, you have to change, for things to get better, you have to get better” Old saying though it is, it’s as true today as it’s ever been.

The Internet is a reality; if you want to do business in today’s modern World you had better join in and participate in the fun.

The good news is it’s never too late to start, and here are some of the steps to get you rolling on the journey:-

1. Set up a Facebook Account.

It always surprises me how many people ignore this platform just because they feel uncomfortable with the idea or think to operate a Facebook account is too difficult? It’s not difficult and I include a great Video here to guide you in setting up your Facebook account: How to set up a Facebook Account?

As you progress you will come to find that Facebook is still much the preferred method for modern Networkers to connect and communicate. So if you are involved in Network Marketing you cannot afford NOT to be on Facebook. Start your learning curve today and get your account set up right now: Open Facebook Account

2. Set up a LinkedIn Account.

LinkedIn is another powerful social media platform. Again you can set up a ‘professional about you and your business profile’ AND you will find that again many Networkers use this platform for making connections. There are also loads of Network Marketing related groups you can join and participate in through LinkedIn.

Here is a great getting started Video:  How to set up a LinkedIn Account (Ignore the opening advert which lasts about a minute).

3. Set up your own Personal Hosting Account & Domain/s.

Now, this is a step that many do not do because they think it is too difficult, when in fact it is quite easy AND a totally necessary step in personal branding for the web.

There are lots of places you can get hosting out there, however, I would say stay away from the ‘GoDaddy’ kind of sites as they suck you into paying for things you don’t want or need and can be frustrating to use. I have used a great offshore hosting Company for years. They are cheap however very professional and provide excellent customer service. The package I would recommend would be a shared hosting account. This will give you options for 5-10 domains the yearly cost of this account is less than many of the more popular accounts will charge you for hosting 1 domain!

A. Low-Cost Hosting ~ Go here: LINK

B. Setting up your own domain.

Normally I cheat a little on this. I will use services like Go-Daddy to check if a particular domain is available? But then I will register the domain directly with my hosting company. It’s much better to register your domains at the same place as your hosting account. It’s quicker for one and avoids messy domain transfer setups or additional fees. Again either use just your name like yourname.com or .net, .info, .me and many other extensions you could choose from?

Having your own domain is a must if you want to succeed in Network Marketing. The purpose of your first domain is to profile you, what you are about and to allow you to create your own blog so that you can start to offer value to your punters and folks can get to know you and everything about you and what you have to offer them.

4. Setting up your Personal BLOG.

See above 3 “Set up your own Personal Hosting Account & Domain/s” to organize your hosting and domain registration. Now in TODAY’S World, you do not need to have clumsy separate blogs, you can have a BLOG on your own website ‘relativity’ easily. Right now today for FREE and it certainly is perceived to be more professional and once you get used to it can be a real joy to own and operate your blog on your own smart domain.

How? By using WORDPRESS. All you do, once your hosting and domains are live on the server, is download a FREE Wordpress package. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly as most modern themes are. I early on had to rebuild my whole site with such a new theme, as the old one was only showing well on desktops, but hard to read on a mobile. These days most people access the web from their mobile devices most of the time.

Go here: https://colorlib.com/wp/mobile-friendly-wordpress-themes/

Once downloaded you unzip the file to a file you create on your desktop or on the cloud (Like Google drive) and then upload the unzipped content to your hosting account in your new domain file. To do this you will need to have an FTP account. This is what you use to upload files to your server from your computer. FileZilla has a great free version: https://filezilla-project.org/

There is a bit of a learning curve in connecting up all the dots technically, but with a bit of patience and a heap of desire it can be done and your website/blog can be up and running in a day once you have your domain and hosting live. This is how long it took me to set my site up. It took me a lot longer procrastinating over the idea of doing it in the first place and staying in the dark ages!

If you have a good hosting company, then their tech support will assist in helping you with thinks like FTP uploading to your website.

5. Set up a WhatsApp Account.

Make sure you have a WhatsApp account because once you are communicating online, remember Network Marketing is still a people business and you will want to get communicating by text first and then maybe VOICE & VIDEO chat.

Skype is also great for small conference calls and also has video conferencing. It’s also good if you add credit to call team members and prospects on their mobiles or landlines:

WhatsApp is fast becoming a favorite instant communications platform for network marketers. Downloadable to your mobile device. You can make FREE International calls to other users via WiFi, you can set up group chats. Which is invaluable in promoting, supporting and managing your Network, and its instant.

Look for WhatsApp in Google Play or iTunes

You need ALL these basic tools in place so that when you start your promotion of your opportunity, services or products you come across as professional and up to date. If you don’t “WebUp”, smart marketers will be reluctant to work with you.

6. Develop and link in your back-end.

Now again, remember the modern marketer will introduce themselves FIRST and build a relationship before they ever promote their opportunity, services or products. It’s a real turnoff when done the other way.

So take the time to set yourself up professionally as in steps 1-5 above (The front-end). Start to develop your following and great relationships and then through that you can add in your opportunity, services or products, or others services and products that you are an affiliate for (The back-end).
Once you have established a relationship it is an open door to share your opportunity, services or products. People who already know you and preferably trust you will be more open to do business with you. So through your own and other Industry related forums you can promote your ‘links’ to the opportunities, products or services you want to share with your contacts.

7. Go loopy with your marketing!

Once you are set up as above you are ready to go out there make loads of connections, use your new social media platforms to make great connections, post interesting articles on forums, and post regularly on your own blog site to kept up to date. Give lots of FREE content mixed in with some pay for content. The FREE content will show you are genuinely interested to help, and through that starting point your contacts will be open to pay for things because they trust your judgement. The more you get out there and share and communicate from your great sharp well put together online profile you will gain a bigger following, a reputation (Hopefully a good one) and become known as a powerful; authority and great source for valuable information.

Success in Network Marketing is stronger with your own online presence then just your Company website alone.

This is an exciting journey, take your time or take time out to set yourself up properly as an authority in your business. Prospects are more likely to engage with you if they see you are properly set up online with your own web presence.

So send a prospect to your personal site first, you can always REVIEW your own business on your site and link prospects to your Opportunity website from your review.

I hope you have found this post on setting up online useful?

Be blessed and enjoy the journey!

© Bernard Taylor. First published  Jan 9, 2012.

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